What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathic medicine, or “naturopathy”, is based on the belief that the body can heal itself. Merriam-Webster defines naturopathy as “The treatment of illness by using diet, illness, exercises, etc., without using drugs or surgery.” Naturopathic medicine integrates the best of medical science with natural therapeutics such as botanical medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, nutrition, pharmacology, and psychology. Naturopathy is based on the theory that the human body has an innate ability to heal itself. Naturopathic medicine treats the underlying cause of a patient's condition rather than focusing solely on symptomatic treatment.

Holistic & Preventative Care

Doctors of naturopathic medicine are experts in natural medicine, trained as primary care providers, treating all aspects of family health and wellness. Naturopathic Doctors emphasize holistic and preventive patient care focusing on developing comprehensive treatment plans for their patients. Naturopathic Doctors work to educate and empower their patients about their medical condition, encouraging them to take proactive steps in developing healthy lifestyle habits.